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Darts is an intriguing sport played worldwide, both professionally and as a pastime. The Professional Darts Corporation overlooks an ocean of events throughout a calendar year. Of them, the major tournaments can be divided into PDC tournaments and PDC Pro-Tour tournaments. The latter tournaments are seen as a stepping stone to the higher level and are not televised.

Major PDC tournaments

The tournament lists are long, PDC Premier League darts, World Cup of darts, Champions League of darts, The Masters and the World Series of darts are noteworthy. Before probing in detail, Order of Merit should be understood. Players are ranked based on their performance, nearly all of the tournaments have certain number of spaces allocated for the Order of Merit.

Premier League Darts

Premier League Darts is one of the recent instalments with 10 participants. Top 4 spaces are awarded based on Order of Merit and six spots are wildcards.

The Masters

As the name suggests, only the high-octane players are allowed. All the 16 participants are seeded based on the ranking position.

World Cup of Darts

Originated in 2010, it is the only team event conducted in darts. A total of 32 nations participates in the tournament with two players from each nation. The eight best nations are seeded based on the ranking by two invited players.

Champions League of Darts

A non-ranking annual tournament, Champions League of Darts features just the top eight players in the PDC. A knockout stage follows a group stage where two groups of four play in a round-robin format.

World Series of Darts

Word Series of darts is a chain of events conducted all around the world. A total of 8 to 14 participants can indulge, but usually eight participate. Six spots are seeded via Order of Merit, two starting spots are awarded via wildcard.

World Series of Darts Finals is a related tournament conducted with 24 participants. Eight seats are offered on order of merit, they are seeded to the second round. Four additional players based on order of merit participate in the first round. Eight players are invited by PDC and four are selected by separate qualifiers.

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